Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ian riding his Trike

Well--Ian did it!! After some practice, he has mastered riding his tricycle and likes going backwards as much as forward! The faster the better in true Ian style!! He is crazy. Honking the horn always makes it more fun and he loves to fill the shelf in the back with rocks and dirt! Ian is a boy through and through!!

Now he enjoys riding around the garage for hours (if I would let him).

Train Museum, Saturday July 12, 2008

Ian loves anything that moves fast--trains, cars, buses, bobcats... you name it! We took him to see the tractors, trains and buses at the Southeastern Train Museum and he had a blast. He drove a tractor, walked through old train cars, took a train ride (his first) and became the driver in all kinds of old buses! He was in heaven and we could hardly get him away from the engines despite the +90 degree weather that was burning up Marco and I.