Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Ianisms...

Ian keeps coming up with some cute stuff-

When we were playing with story starters (making up a story from a single sentence)...
Mommy "So how would you get 3 wishes?".  Ian "I would ask God to talk to Santa"! 

Ian figured out that Oma has morning when we have night because the sun is moving--wow--blew me away with this one!!  He gets it.

Luke's a year and half

My little 18 month old baby.  I suppose I should not always call him the baby now but I guess it's the curse of the last born child--always the baby!  He is just sparkly--silly way to describe a child but he is one of those personalities that shines through all the "naughty-ness" and has the charm that you just can't learn.  His new nick name from his big brother is "Naughty Head" and it just fits!  He is adorable and takes lots of pride in entertaining people.  He is so social and loves the big kids to play with more than most kids his age.  The talking is coming--slowly--but it is getting there.  Luke just loves balls, throwing and kicking, and he is really good at it too!  I guess all the practice field time watching his brother has made an impression. 
He has the best hugs now and a funny little lizard kiss.  He is learning animals and says "woof woof" then pants when you ask him about a dog.  He loves planes and birds or just about anything in the sky.  He NEVER sits, moving all the time.  I don't know how he does it but he can really reach ANYTHING--and a curious little nature to add! 

Talking and eating is starting to happen and he is growing like a mad man.  Officially he is 24.6 pounds (25%) and 34 inches tall (75-95%).  Built so different than Ian -- Luke is a linebacker and Ian can rock the skinny jeans.  So different it's great and I think they will always be best friends!!  And finally we have a big break in teething.  All of his teeth are in!  YEAH

So what is Luke saying now???
First word oddly enough was shoe.  (He is obsessed with shoes...)
He is saying da-dee, mumm, IN.. or Ian, Pap (Papa), sit Buzz, Buzz, duck, more, ball, bye, kit (kitty), buk (book), ban (banana), and any b's are his favorite words.  Seems like there are more but he is still not much of a talker yet.  He is a do'er!  Goes for what he wants and doesn't let saying what he wants get in the way. 

Such a passionate and adorable little guy.  Keeps me on my toes all the time!

Oh.. busy month!!

It really amuses me how much I crave organization and order and how continually out of order my house and car remain!  Adding kiddo number two has just thrown any thoughts that I had of getting it "together" out the door.  I remain to dream and hope but until then I am just going to enjoy my boys with all their mess and keep on going!  One day .... One day!!  Same with the blog lately--good intentions that haven't made it into my reality.

Now what a month.  It started out with everyone having a second case of strep throat just on the eve of our vacation.  Even though we started out a day late because of everyone being sick, the trip turned out to be one of our BEST vacations.  Meeting up with Marco's Mom and Brother's family was just right--it was amazing how well all three boys meshed and how much fun they had together.  We braved the gulf and it was FABULOUS... all my worries about the oil were for nothing and it felt good to get back to the gulf and support the area.  We were at the beach just a couple days short of two weeks and I could have stayed longer.
Mr Buzz is growing like crazy the puppy is just 4 months and stands as tall as Luke and is an easy 30 pounds.  Fuzzy and so mild and mellow personality still.  He is 90% puppy house trained and is more fun everyday!!  Ian has really taken to this puppy and they are fast becoming best friends.  So nice to see Ian give up his fear of dogs and find one to really trust and love.  Almost makes the doggie smell tolerable.  Luke likes Buzz too but he is still a little rowdy for little man.  It will come with time and when buzz is over the teething it will make a big difference.  He is such a great addition to the fam!!!
Fall is finally here and the weather is starting to cool down at night now and I couldn't love it more.  It makes me a different person.  I just love the fall weather, colors, festivals, pumpkin patches and of course everything Halloween.  The season was cut a little short with the late vacation but we have managed to squeeze lots of fun into the last two weeks.  We made a trip out to Cagle Dairy Farms and dared the corn maze with both boys and the great family of one of Ian's friends, the Taylors.  After the corn maze we had a hayride in the dark and Ian experienced his first bonfire and roasted marshmallows "Yummm  Yummmm" to quote the big man.  Luke was such a trooper and lasted with us until 9:30!!  Good Times.
I also visited Berry Patch Farms with Ian's Class and what a fun fun time.  His school this year is such a great fit and I was able to get to put faces with names of the kiddos in his class.  Great group of children and Ms Carolyn does such a superb job of keeping them moving and having fun. 
Nano and auntie Laura visited for a week and it was full of fun crafts and a visit to the Lake Lanier Halloween lights tour.  Ian goes nuts for Christmas lights and they did a great job of twisting them into Halloween themes!  There was another round of marshmallow roasting and cute little carnival rides for Ian.  He even talked me into getting on the Ferris wheel--oh boy I am not the daring woman I was in earlier years.  I did it and had a blast with my big man!!!  Another super night!
Neighbor parties and Halloween trick-or-treating and the bash at the Scott House!!  Great way to end the month. (Although we usually sneak out another great fall weekend by visiting Burts the first weekend of November--something we did last year and decided would have to be a tradition!!)
Ian is loving school still and I could not be happier!  He had a falling out with Karate and has decided that he doesn't want to do it any longer.  I hate to see him stop but don't think it's worth pushing him at 4 1/2 years old--he has an entire life to be under pressure!  Soccer is wonderful this year and the coach is amazing.  He gets the game and REALLY gets the kiddos.  Ian did his best and scored his first ever goal and was loving it. 
Lots to say about Luke as he just celebrated his 1 1/2 year birthday... for another day!