Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What we have been doing

Well-quite a month! 

Luke is getting to be more and more fun each day.  He is developing a real personality and is sooo sweet but impatient.  He wants what he wants and wants it yesterday!!!  Ohhhh he is going to be a force to contend with one day.  He is my little social bee--loves all strangers! 
He now has his second tooth as of last week and I just noticed that BOTH top teeth have broken through.  ouch..  Luke also hit another milestone that we hoped would be missed--his first ear infection happened last week and all I can say is BOO!!  He made it longer than Ian but we still hoped that he was going to miss them.  Hopefully it's a fluke. 

Ian is still doing great--such a joy right now.  Old enough to get the world but young enough to be perfectly innocent!  Beautiful time!!  He says the funniest things now--some of my favorites:
(After putting the baby gates to block off the family room) Ian was trying to get Luke back into the family room from the kitchen and he was coaxing him into the room with "Come on Luke..  go back into your cage"!  Too funny!! 
Then as a sign of the times, we were reading a book the other night and came to a page with few words and Ian informed me that the page must be waiting to load!  Too funny that he thought that the book would load like the internet or a Wii Game.  Kids are too funny!!

Ian also had a huge success for now--he has quit sucking his thumb and is so proud of himself.  He is doing so great at it and I know it's been so difficult.  We had a long talk about how his teeth were moving the wrong way and WOW..  it worked.  Such a smart cookie.  He even earned a big boy bike from Papa for all his hard work.  He was a natural and just took off!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I asked Ian today what he wanted for his birthday and had the sweetest reply...  He said that he wanted a batcave which is the same thing he received for Christmas.  Confused, I asked him why he wanted another one and he said it was so Luke would have one for play.  A tiny little tear formed in my eye and then I thought clever way to get you brother out of your stuff!  Such a sweetie or smarty--anyway--he's a keeper!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Boys

Sweet Brothers

My little Handy Manny

Ian's only request for Santa this year was the singing Handy Manny tools. He loves to "fix it right" with his new tools and was helping Marco tighten the sink and it was so precious. For the first couple of nights after Christmas, he ate with the tools, took them to bed with him and fixed everything. He has even started counting in Spanish just like the tools!!