Friday, February 20, 2009


Ian is mastering putting his pants, shoes and socks on right now and is obsessed with taking the shoes on and off. He has also discovered that the socks can leave "fluffies" on his toes and feet. He is all the time telling me that he has to take the "FLEAS" off his toes! It's so funny if you know the context but for strangers, I am sure that they are curious how exactly we live. For anyone wondering--no we don't have fleas in the house :)

Lost in Translation

Everyone knows that Marco is not a native English speaker but has adapted here amazingly. Most can't even tell that he has a Dutch accent when he speaks. Sometimes it does catch up with him and we have a lost in translation moment. It usually cracks both of us up and Ian is starting to get in on the fun!

Last night we were trying to get ready for dinner and in a rush to get food on the table when Marco had a moment. He turned around and told Ian to go wash his hands in the "toilet"--translated means the bathroom. I turned around quickly to see Ian's reaction and it was great--he had the most confused look on his face and just said "ohhhh nooo daddy--why I do that?"!

Life is always fun :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Best Friend

We have two cats right now and they are completely opposites. Jannake is our spunky outgoing female kitty and Jip is so sweet but very shy! Ian loves both but Jannake is his best buddy--she will follow him around and wants to be in his "laps" when he sit down. Today was a first and they shared naptime. It was precious and she stayed with him the entire 2 hours!