Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching Up

OK..  I am so unbelievably behind but here is my shot at catching up with our very busy spring.  Just trying to remember the small things between all the big steps--so here's what we've been up too-
-Oma visited this spring and had a great time with the boys and helped with Ian's surgery.  She and Luke really became best friends during the visit.
-Ian had his tonsils out after too many cases of strep and came through it like a champ!
-We celebrated Easter with a quick trip to Knoxville and the most fun Easter egg hunt ever with all the cousins.
-Ian won the game ball at his tball team game after his surgery.
-We took the boys to Disney.
-Luke had his 2nd birthday at T-Rex at Disney.
-Ian had his end of the year party at school, end of the season party and field day at school.

Lots of pictures to come and lots of fun details when I can get my head together!  The boys are growing so fast and changing every day--takes my breath away!!