Friday, February 25, 2011

Tiny Town

We wrote a letter for Oma and mailed it

Clean shave

No 5'clock shadow here

Ian and his best buddy Owen

Ian is the traffic director for Owen and Nicholas
Ian's school had a tiny town and it was so cute to see the kids work in the minature town.  Ian and I worked at the hardware store, mailed a letter in the post office, Ian had a shave and a cut in the barber shop, drove the cars through the car wash and went to the city hall to meet a police man.  Serious cuteness!

First Sleep Over

We had our first real sleep over and how much fun!!  Mia and Eli had a blast spending the night and all four kids played SO well together.  It was a blast to see them all gel together.  I think it will be the first of many.

Happy 5th Birthday!!

My big man really is getting BIG!  My super sweet first born turned 5 this week and it seems like such a big birthday.  He has officially left the preschool stage and it now a BOY.  He has had such a break out year-shedding lots of his shyness and really taking on a bolder personality.  Can't believe it was just 5 years ago that Marco and I jumped into the most amazing jobs that we could ever imagine.  It's been such a wonderful trip and getting to see the world through his eyes has been oh so fabulous!  We've had lots of fun, laughs, giggles, tears, screams and it just keeps getting better.