Tuesday, July 6, 2010

14 months today

I don't know how much longer I can honestly call Luke 'the baby' the way he is growing.  Fourteen months doesn't really seem possible.  He is such a wild man--truly wild man!!  He goes at everything at least 110mph speed and now he has mastered running.  Seriously fast here!  He also laughs all the time and enjoys seeing others laugh.  Definitely my little comedian.  Now if we could only find his volume switch--wow is this kiddo loud! 
He has a full set of chompers!  Has all his molars popped through at one time (poor little bear) and looks like the eye teeth are trying to come in now.  OHHHH can the teething just be finished-we are close really close!!  Hang in there little man.
He has many talents-the newest is putting a finger from each hand in his nose and blow!  Really the moments that make a mother's heart swell up.  He is full of kisses and hugs now and gives them away at will.  So sweet to see him running to you to plant a big kiss (that's really what makes the heart melt...)!  He has also started a little shy flirt with strangers too.
He is starting to make out his first real word and it's IAN!  Those boys LOVE each other so much more than I ever thought possible.  Luke watches everything Ian does and Ian takes such good care of his little brother!  They are so super together. 

Thank you little man for a great fourteen months!

Long weeks.. long in a good way!!

Well.  what a roller coaster the last weeks have been!  I am not sure how we did everything we have but it really has been a fabulous time.  Feels like we have accomplished so much and enjoyed every minute of the time (can't claim this very often so I am going to savor the feeling)!  Finally my baby has his cast off, Ian (who will always be my baby) was "cut free" last Monday and I am so happy to see the bone healing beautifully.  Exactly what you want to see.  Still has a tiny little limp but it's to be expected as he strengthens and gets back to normal.  No cast means that we are back in the water and marathon pool days is exactly what we all need.  Ian is more of a fish than ever and is teaching himself to swim.  I am much more daring in the water than Marco with Ian and give him more freedom (cautious freedom) to explore what he can do.  We also are learning to do a 'bob' if he is getting in trouble--thanks for the tip Kristen!  It's working marvelously!  Luke is starting to love the water too but still isn't crazy when placed in the purple hippo.  Maybe it's the color or the hippo but he is not feeling it--but thinking of the little man, it's probably more that he is confined.  Something Luke doesn't tolerate well.  He is just like the love child of the Tasmanian devil and an alligator.  Just picture that one!!  Good thing he is such a little love bug. 

Marco had a little low in his work load last week and it was super to have him around more.  Ahhh the way of the consultant--feast or famine.  The famine moments make it possible to handle the feasts!!!  He surprised me and the boys at the pool one day and we had a great family afternoon.  Those moments are the ones I love most about summer and really remind me of the important things.  I just love when he is around this much and the boys are so high on daddy!   Good times..

Our old friend, Strep, crept back last week and before the week was over, the entire family had it!  I haven't had strep so much since I was in 2nd grade and had my tonsils removed.  We all did pretty well and it just slowed us down a bit.  Some long nights for the baby but he hung in there. 

Off to Knoxville for the 4th and what a fun weekend.  The boys have so much fun visiting the grands and it was so relaxing for us.  We had a fun night with my brother's family and as always--super food.  My dad made the best ribs ever this time!  Then off to the fireworks--this was Ian's first time and it was a hit!  He loved all the multi colored sparkles.  He also enjoyed the next night with the neighbors shooting off their own fireworks.  Such a curious mind--has to know how everything works!  He wanted to see the lighting and then the explosions in the sky! 

We also have new wheels!  A new Honda Pilot is sitting in the driveway now and it's incredible.  So big and really so much fun to drive!  I can fit 6 people in the back and the boys now have their own row if needed.  Yep--it's a little bit of mommy heaven!  

Good summer!!!