Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everything I thought I knew...

Well--I wasn't expecting this one...  MR LUKE at 20 months has figured out how to climb out of his crib.  WHAT....  today after a struggle for nap and going back to his room three times to console him I thought that I had won.  It was really quiet in his room and after a small little victory dance, I went down stairs.  It was about 10 minutes and I hear the click of the top gate shut and boy oh boy the little man was on the stairs with a guilty grin 10 miles wide.  I still can't believe it !!!  What now?  This is new territory for mamma--I guess we will be shopping for a big boy bed this weekend.

So Luke is officially my little monkey climber where his brother was definitely the jumper.  I put him back in the bed and was asking him what he did.  In true Luke fashion (no words..  just action), he used his arms to pull his body up just enough in the corner to swing his leg up and over.  Voila out of the bed!!!  Big SIGH...  but I have to love his determination.  Ian is my child that will talk, or dare I say whine, you into submission (maybe a corporate lawyer or UN negotiator in his future).  Then I have the child that goes in a room, accesses the situation and walks right in to take what he wants!  All the while flashing a charming little smile so you forget he just took your watch (sales--definitely sales in his future).

Wow what you start figuring out about the world while raising children.  It's so obvious just how different personality types are and how they start to emerge far before the child has the maturity to formally express himself or herself.  So early you can see what drives a child and generates the energy that makes them go.  It's also so beautiful to see those personalities navigate the world and how they treat the world differently.  Truly a ever changing battlefield!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes you win.... sometime well you win

Ok there are days when the kids are just so funny how can you not write it down.  Ian and Luke fill every minute of my day with fun, laughs, screams and giggles.  Sometime in the last couple of months we have achieved this amazing balance but boy do they get the best of me some days!  This was one of the days that they both amazed me in the best and funniest ways.  Many days I fail to see the beautiful moments that happen every day.  It's so easy to get caught up in what has to be done, where you need to be, what you have or don't have that it's nice to stop and take a breath.  In those small "breathing" moments it's so wonderful to take some time to see what incredible little people I am blessed to have in my life. I don't want to forget the silly little moments-

-When we were getting ready this morning Ian decided I wasn't keeping up with the laundry as I should.  He took it into his own hands to "really get his socks and undies clean and taken care of.." and loaded up the washing machine.  I love it!!! Some girl will thank me in the future if he is already doing laundry!
-Dinner really rocked tonight and Ian was especially enthusiastic about eating of all things, MEATLOAF??  He told us it was the best meal ever and decided it was so good he should "slap his mother"! thanks Marco.  Haha
-Luke has been super snugglie lately and nothing melts my heart more.  We have a new morning routine where Marco gets him up and he snuggles with me for about 15 minutes before we really have to get up.  It is is an absolutely perfect way to start the day.  This morning was particularly special because I was lucky enough to get snuggles form both of my boys.  Can't beat that !!!  Even this night owl can love these mornings.
-Luke blew my mind when he counted out one, two, three, four...  we have been practicing anytime we walk up the stairs or do repetitive activities.  I count just to expose him to the numbers or get him to move along.  I was floored and so proud of the little smartie!!
-I am also trying something new with Ian--those cute ears are having lots of trouble listening.  Ohhhh so frustrating to say things over and over and over and over then end in yelling .  So my new zen is allowing Ian to choose and getting one chance.  I am sooo trying not to yell but hold firm with what I say and Ian has to learn to live with the consequences of his choosing not to listen.  Wish me luck--this one is so hard for this hot tempered mama.  I am going to win--I know Ian is such a good kid but we have to find a better place with the listening.  Deep breath and sigh.... please work!!
-Luke's new thing is to put things in his onsie to hide them.  So we have found pacifiers, hot wheel cars, coins, ..  we could keep going here.  Today-it was so funny to see him try and stuff big mega blocks down his shirt.  He had his shirt stretched out and could hardly move.  What goes through his head??

It's an adventure raising two boys!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow tubing part 2

Snow tubing

SNOW days

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Well--our less than southern weather has been insane in January.  Over 6" of snow and up to 1/2" of ice fell and what a winter wonderland.  I am a bit like a kid when we get the rare snow here but it is insane this week.  We had so much fun to see the snow and Ian had a blast.  He's such a dare devil and couldn't wait to take a run down the hill on an inner-tube.  He would stay outside for hours!  Wet feet and cold hands didn''t stop him.  Luke didn't share his love for the weather-he screamed with big alligator tears the entire time he was down alone.  I think it was less about the snow and more about having to wear all the layers to stay warm including the mittens!  Buzz probably loved the weather most of all and would stay out all day!  Looks like our entire week may without school. 

Boy oh Boy.... Luke is 20 months

Sweet and crazy little Luke is not so little anymore!  Can't believe that this baby has been with us for 20 months.  What a nuts little guy--my little extreme man!  He is absolutely the happiest most giggly boy and at the same time can clear a room with his screams.  He's grown up so much in the last month and we are having so much fun (more every day)!!
Luke is a boys boy..  he loves loves BALLS of any time or any kind.  And he has a wicked throw!!  He also likes dinosaurs and books and would read all day long!  He is also talking all the time now and about half I understand.  He is becoming a little parrot -- every day new words and putting words together.  My new favorites are:
-uwwww "tinky" when we change his diaper
-he loves to tell secrets and whisper in your ear but it sounds like "whish sowdens whenssit" every time
-mama has evolved into Mommeeee
-okkeee and tank ewuu
-peeesssee (please)
-orange juce
-nose, ear, eye, mouth, haaair, toooes, tummy, head, hair
-nooooo!!!  (this one drives me nuts) and "esss"
-broder EEN
and the best for last..
-"TA DA" when he does something special
There is definitely a trend with his words--he loves to stretch out the vowels.  

He thinks he can do anything Ian does and gives it a good try, possibly too good of a try for me.  He can climb ANYTHING but isn't the jumper that his brother was at this age.  He is a dance machine and loves to do it anytime the music hits and even when there is no music.  Jacks Big Music show is his favorite tv show now (oh yeah--he says "t show") and will shake that little money maker the whole time!  He tells me when he has a dirty diaper and wants to pretend to pee in the potty.  (again anything any does!)
Ohhh eating is a struggle-he is a two bite baby.  He will eat two bites of things and then locks down his teeth!  Exhausts me to feed him and so much he wants to do himself and is sooo messy.  This is also how he has become the best buddy to Buzz!

Christmas was a blast playing with his brother and cousins but he didn't quite get the gift opening yet.  He was a little hesitant and then just wanted to play with Ian's stuff.  We had a first by spending Christmas Eve with just our family of four in Atlanta.  It was great having the boys at home overnight and waking up for Santa here!  New Kuysten tradition.

We have also started going to church and he did great with his class.  No tears the first time and Marco and I were shocked.  So proud and there are so many boys in the class for him to grow with over the years.  Gymboree is a new thing too and we'll see how much he likes it.  A little quiet and tears at the start of the first class but think he really had fun.

He gives sweet kisses now and hugs all the time!  He cuddles more now and snuggles blankie all the time.  The "baba" (passie) is mandatory at night and he is experimenting with thumb sucking when he sees his brother doing the same.  It's so funny because he doesn't get it at all and always makes his silly little grin when he tries. 

It's been a beautiful month with the little man and can't wait to see what the next brings.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waking up to Santa

The Boys

Love the hair

Seriously--are you making me do more picts

So Handsome

Brothers goofing around

Luke always has a ball in his hand

Ian's new best friend

Playing outside

Me and my truck

Pictures by Keri Janton - November 2010

More funny Ianisms

So it may be a little silly to write down so many of the funny things Ian says but it's the simple things that make me smile.  I smile every time I reread the posts of how the big man is growing and love the glimpses into what he is really thinking.

-I was so excited to show him a picture of me and my brother and sister sitting on Santa's lap thinking there would be such a great moment shared.  Ian's comment "MOMMY--Why were you a boy when you were little?"  (yes mother--thank you for the delightful Dorthy Hammel (spelling ??) haircut)!

-After a completely awful attempt at dinner (I actually burned the frozen pizza so severely that a layer of smoke flooded the downstairs), I was telling Marco that I was a total failure today and Ian chimed up "Really Mommy, I thought you were just half a failure!".  

-When  I was trying to get Ian's week scheduled I told him what we had planned and after a little thought he told me "OK mommy, this sounds good but when do I get a day off?!"