Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Hanging Out

I needed my hands to cook dinner and Luke didn't want the crib, bouncy seat or the bijorn!! So I resorted to Ian's old high chair, which is way to big for Luke right now, and he loved hanging out in the seat.

Tiny Toes

I just love tiny little baby toes.

Ian the Monster Slayer

We have entered the wonderful world of imagination play with Ian. I love to see what his brain will dream up next!! He is fascinated with monsters and dragons and loves to "get" them. This weekend we were enjoying a beautiful evening outside and he decided he needed to get at the monsters out of the yard. He grabbed his swords and knight helmet and the hunt for monsters was on. It was hilarious to watch and yes he is not wearing any shorts--just big boy undies. This picture will definitely resurface in his teen years.

Fabulous Firsts

We have noticed Luke smiling for the past week and thought it was probably gas. No it's official--he is smiling in response to us. It's so cute!! He also had his first 'cooo' when Ian was talking to him today. Can't believe how fast they change.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Beautiful Month

It's hard to imagine life without both boys as we celebrate Luke's first month. He is a great baby and Ian is still jazzed about being a big brother. Luke is eating like crazy and has already outgrown some of his tiny clothes. It passes by so quickly.

We had one small setback today when the baby started a high fever which landed us in the ER of children's hospital. It was very scary and after a battery of tests, they decided that he has a viral infection and let us go home. A little "present" from his big brother who was sick last week.

Pictures coming soon!