Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day at the Museum

WHAT is behind me...?



Lightening Striking

Daddy and Dinosaurs

I'm done... the drive home

What to do on a rainy Memorial Day--we packed up and went to the Fernbank Museum with the boys and what a fun day with the dinosaurs!! The guys had a blast checking out the geckos, dinosaurs and science experiments. Ian even petted a snake!! WHAT... It was the best family day!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outside fun

Just playing in the backyard

1 year milestones

Where has the year gone and how has this little baby grown into such a fabulous toddler. Luke has really found his rhythm and life is so wonderful and fun now. He just LOVES his brother and Ian LOVES him back just as much. They are so silly together--so Ian has shared great talents with his brother like blowing spit bubbles and diving head first into the bean bag chair. It's fun to see them together and they have a undeniable bond even at this age!!
Now the stats--the little man is not so little! He is 21 lbs and 31 inches long (exactly half of Ian's 4 yo weight and 11 inches shorter--hard to believe...). He has a total of 7 teeth in all the way and has broken the Left upper molar through. The top and bottom molar on the right are almost here too. He started walking the first week in April and has mastered it now!! He loves to be barefoot but is tolerating the shoes that I force him to wear--I keep trying. He is getting so much faster and steadier--hard to believe that he has only been doing this for one and half months. He LOVES yogurt, blueberries and don't get in his way when he sees watermelon! He is a little picky with veggies and I am just starting to try and sneak more in--wish me luck--still working on his dad with veggies and getting NOwhere!
I can completely see his personality emerging and watch out world. He is the sun and the moon--two different people in that little body! He gets so mad and lets you know then in the next breath gives the greatest giggle and plants his head in your chest for a big bear hug. He is curious about everything and prefers Ian's toys over his own (but Ian has found a new love for his brother's baby toys!! Go figure) Can't figure out where he gets his voice or his stubborn nature (Marco maybe... or maybe his mommy..?!)

I am amazed to have the two super little men in my life. They keep me guessing and keep me smiling nonstop, Ok maybe a little screaming in between but it's all good and fun!! Now, we are ready for the next fabulous year!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet baby Luke!

What a great kick off to the birthday week for my sweet little Luke! We had a wonderful birthday party with friends and Luke had his first taste of cake and it was love at first sight!!! He was serious about the smash cake and had a blast getting cake from head to toe. Happy Birthday to my baby!!!