Sunday, August 29, 2010

The boys

Fun photos with Kerri Smith!  Hot but we had a blast with the wild Kuysten boys!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before I forget

Ok ...  Life has been a little nuts for the last 6 weeks so I haven't updated everything like I should.  So is the life of a crazy mom!!! (always thought the crazy mom title belonged to MY mother for raising three kids born in less than 3 years but I realize the torch has now been passed)

So here are some super cute things from my little munchkins this week that I really don't want to 
forget--updates on July to follow later!

Ian, so smart and sweet, you are my little thinker and watcher of
 the world.  Your moments this week-
--"mommy, I love you!  Now can we walk off into the sunset?"
--after attending a first birthday party where a super cute clown entertained the kids-"I can't BELIEVE we just visited clown town!!"

Now my precious Lucas, incredibly social and loving, you grab the world by the hair and drag along with you!  Sweet but BOY oh boy... What did you do this week??
-- you pulled up the skirt of another little girl at your first visit to the jumpy place!  Probably not the last time I fear!
-- At the same party where Ian loved the clown, you were the first child to take a dip in the small pool set up to float rubber duckies (and returned three times)!  Then we brought you home and in the process of changing your soaked clothing, you stood up and peed straight (and what looked like intentionally) on my entry chair!!!  Seriously!!

You both as such amazing little boys but so crazy different!   Love you both so much!