Friday, March 26, 2010


Ian says some of the funniest things now-I never want to forget his words or sayings!

-"soupcase" is a suitcase. He has to store his special toys in the soupcase that has cars on it!

-eyes don't have tears but they have "drips"

-the things that remove water from the windshields are "swipers"

-after spending the week with my parents in Knoxville, Ian was so excited to tell me about starting a garden with Papa. He told me they planted "Teddy Bears and some pot" Ok.. this one needed some clarification and my dad told me he planted sunflowers with the name "teddy bear and SUN pots". Little different

-wisdom of a 4 year old: "You just can't play hockey and talk on the phone"!!! Words to love by!

-you don't 'swim', but you can "schwwwirm"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luke and Daddy

Sweet Dirty baby

I don't let the baby just get down and dirty.  I mean filthy but we had so much fun--getting dirty and cleaning up tonight after chalks!  Some fun pictures of his bath and getting ready for bed then sleep time!

My Artists

Sometimes the best moments in life are not planned one but instead those moments that just happen!  We had the greatest night tonight and just enjoyed the kids so much.  Ian LOVES sidewalk chalk and received some new colors for his birthday so he had to try them out.  The baby had to jump in and help him with the masterpiece and the result was so beautiful.  I think they both may have my mom's artistic eye!!
Luke and Ian had more chalk on themselves than the sidewalk but what a fun time!
The boys went STRAIGHT to the bath--they were filthy!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

First soccer game - GOOOOO TIGERS

                                   Brandon and Ian getting ready to play soccer

                                             Get that ball !

                                             Having so much fun

                                Stealing the ball but ran to the wrong goal -- priceless!

Team playing with Coach Mark

Officially a soccer mom and I'm Lovin' it !!  Ian started soccer this year and is sooo cute.  His team is the Tigers and very appropriately wear orange and white!  (Yep the color for both TN and the Netherland soccer team--it's meant to be!!)  He is wearing lucky #10!
The first game was a riot--he had so much fun.  All dressed in his uniform, socks, cleats and shin guards--he looked like the real deal.  I loved watching him from the sidelines and cheering his team on as they kicked the ball around.  The kids were going in all directions and one time--we felt so proud even when they were runnign the wrong way.  He is playing with his best friend, Brandon #8, and they are going to be a great team out there!! 

One of those days--those priceless days

Ok.. with so many days leaving me wanting to pull my hair out with the boys--it is so nice to have 'one of those days' that you never want to forget.  It was a normal day where we played and played and Ian was so imaginative with his play.  Today he was a priate, garbage man and moster truck driver before wanting to camp inside.  He also blew me away by reading : O F F!  He said this means off mommy!!  So proud of himself :) 
Luke was also so adorable today-probably because his ears are finally feeling better after 4 weeks of battling!  Growing and growing more every day!  Today he held on to Papa's hand and walked across the room--it's not going to be long before he is full out running.  His balance is better every day--standing more without any help.  So cute.  He is also feeling better because he is eating everything in his way.  Today he ate eggs for the first time, veg. soup, and for dinner--fish and broccoli!  We won't tell him it's all healthy :)
He also is getting into the cabinets now--yes time to put the locks back !  But the funny part is that he dug into the bottle drawer and was sucking on a dry bottle!  Hint Hint Mommy..  Hungry little man.. 

It was a perfect day!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hoppy Easter

The boys had a mini little easter photo session with bunnies and they turned out really cute.  Hoppy Easter !!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Steps

Luke took his first steps!!!!  Yipeeee...  He only had one at a time but did it two times tonight.
It was almost a run he was going so fast and he was sooo proud of himself.  Watch out world here I come!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow in Atlanta

We had the most beautiful snow in Atlanta this month!!  Yes Atlanta! It was perfect 3-4 inches that melted off the next day.  Marco and I just spent the weekend in with the little man enjoying the time.  Ian was in Knoxville and missed the snow but was having so much fun--he didn't know the difference!

Luke didn't love the snow but has lots of time to catch up!

Time... where is all our time

Ok..  just checked the last post and I can't believe that I haven't written anything in over a MONTH...  where does my time go.  Lots going on with Ian and Luke as always!  I am enjoying watching the boys grow and play together more and more.  It's the really nice part of two boys!  Luke is going to be tough as nails after seeing what Ian puts him through--I think one day he is going to turn on him and I am just going to look the other way and let them go!!  Ian loves to roll his brother around and I keep catching Ian picking Luke up.  Luke has the funniest face when it happens.. like REALLY MOMMY--are you LETTING this happen?

In some moment of complete insanity I scheduled both boys a well visit at the same time.  Seriously--what was I thinking.  Had to call in the big guy, aka Daddy, to help out with this one.  Luke 9 months and Ian 4 yo (yep shots included...)  and here's the news.

LUKE is growing like crazy and has crazy long legs!  19 lb and 3 oz, 30 inches long (which puts him at 25% for weight and almost 90% for height) and thankfully healthy as can be!  He now has 6 -- yes 6 teeth!  2 on the bottom and 4 on top.  He is crawling like a little bullet and cruises on everything.  A couple of times he has attemped to stand without help and lasts for a couple of seconds.  He is a whirlwind that I am not sure the world is ready to accept!!  Very verbal little guy and says DADADADA all the time!  He will squeak out a MAMA and BRABRA too.  Loves to dance to music toys and has an adorable little shimmy when he likes something.  Eating everything.. loves texture and bits of real food.  He's almost abandoned the canned baby food.  He also did the sign for more yesterday. 

IAN is becoming such a big boy too.  Amazing how much he has changed in the last year.  40 lb and 42 inches tall...  with huge feet--jumped a whole size in 2 months--YIKES.  He did great with the dr visit until time for the shots.  Didn't like those at all but who can blame him--it's not my favorite either.  He proclaimed at the top of his voice that he now "Hated the Dr and was NEVER coming back".  Pretty sure the entire office heard it so much that Dr H poked his head back in and told Ian that Drs were good it's just the nurses you have to watch out for... then Ian backed down to just hating shots.  I'll let him have that one.  Then walking out he would not bend his knees and just shuffled slowly.  I think it took us 10 minutes to get down the hall with Marco and I trying so hard not to just lose it laughing. He is obsessed with being four and had a great family birthday.  His kid bday party is in March--ok--mommy is only about a month behind.  He's decided he doesn't like to clean--at all and green things to eat are not his favorite.  Well we had a good eater for 4 years!  He is writing his name and using both hands equal--not sure if he is a lefty or righty but does better with left.  Maybe a great baseball player one day!!  He is starting soccer in a couple of weeks and I think that I am more excited than he is.... Never thought I would be so excited to be a Soccer Mom!!!  Ian takes after his Opa Jan--there is no doubt.  I was making dinner and wasn't thinking about hearing the electric screwdriver from the playroom.  Ian loves to "fix" things--well this time he really fixed something.  He had taken apart all the boards from his little IKEA chair and laid all the pieces out.  It was precious and I hope I never forget the look on his face when he told me what he just did.  Watch out train table! 

Now for Marco and I--big changes coming we hope... more later (and no we are NOT pregnant...)  Marco is working all the time but doing so well.  We are so proud of all he is doing for us!  I am having some issues resulting from the gestational diabetes.  Investigating now and we'll see what happens in the next month.  Hopefully we'll be able to find the cause of the extreme exhaustion over the last couple of months as well.  It's becoming ridiculous!!  We are having fun redecorating the downstairs and Marco swears that I am worse than the mouse with a cookie--
IF you give your wife new couches then she'll want new tables--if she gets new tables then she'll want new carpet and curtians..  Yes this could go on forever!!  But it's so much fun.