Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Karate Kiddo

Ian now shares his daddy's love of marital arts and is having so much fun!  He is learning so much not only about the taewkondo but also just being a good person!  It's impressive the power of the good deeds list and how much he wants to do well for Mr Burns.  Last week he 'broke' a board with his hand and thought he was tough stuff.  When he was taking his bath I heard him saying the tiny tiger oath--"Knowledge in my mind and strength in my body..."  Priceless.

Ian the fish

Ian has become such a great swimmer and a real natural in the water.  Caught it all on camera this time!  I love the flip with the waterproof casing.  The pictures are amazing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What happens at the grandparents..

That's officially the "trouble" face

Yes-he's in the clothes dryer!  Really??  Guess he needed a little fluff

Luke goofing off

I am ONE

See my big chompers

Boys with Nano and Papa at Dollywood

The duck ride all by himself! 

Ian loves the carousel
Luke making friends with the ducks--just before he chased down a duck that escaped from the fence.  He entertained a group for about 10 minutes trying to catch it and almost succeeded! 

Knoxville Zoo

Nano communicating with the gorillas

Papa and the boys

Getting to know the goats

Soaking up the sun

Crazy Luke

Luke vs Monkies--monkies win!  This is what happens when Aunt Laura is in charge
OK Monkies--you won't get away with that
I have you now!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Ian showing off his new school bag outside of his new class room! 

The first full week of September was technically a short week but we did so much it felt like two!  Where to even start ??  Probably the best was Ian's first day of 4 yo preschool.  If you know us--you know what a struggle we have had over the past two years with Ian and school-too many tears and so much stress.  Well-I think he has turned the corner and I am so proud.  So busting with pride at how far he has come and so happy about how much he loves school this year.  He owned carpool the first day and walked right in like a big man.  NO tears and NO fights to get him there.  Very beautiful moment for me!  Second day of school he jumped right out of the car and then turned around, waved and said bye mommy and ran into the building!  Happy Days....  (unfortunately--I only have a picture of orientation to show--seems it's kinda necessary to have a card in the camera if you actually want to take pictures--details!!) 

Ian also started his karate classes and is having fun.  Mr. Burns is a great role model and makes it a blast for the kids.  He loves the yelling and punching (in true boy form) and I love the discipline and good citizen principles being passed along.  Hope he wants to stay with it.  Ian said the funniest thing while he was working on his stretches in the class--they were joking around with the kids and asking them to touch the nose to the feet and then what do their feet smell like??  Ian said "mine smell like peanut butter" !  I laughed so hard.
He also started a second season of soccer and he has a super coach.  He is on the team with 3 other buddies and seems like it will be a great experience this time around.  Now if I can just get him to tolerate the heat better--just like his mommy!  Doesn't really like to sweat--may be in trouble since we live in HOTlanta!!

Luke had a great week too--well kinda.  He started in a neighborhood playgroup and is the lone man.  It's really cute to see all the little ones together and all 5 of the "babies" played so great for over two hours!  He was the hugger.  Poor Ella was receiving of most of the 'love' but he did spread out the hugs.  I am in trouble when this little charmer gets a bit older!  So funny.  The teeth (last four and the toughest for him yet-eye/stomach teeth) are still trying to pop out.  Three of the four have just popped out and he is not loving it right now.  He is a bit grumpy and sleep is on and off!  Thank goodness for tyenol, ibuprofin and frozen gogurts!  Hang in there buddy--it's almost over

Now to end the week with a weekend trip to Knoxville before our schedule gets crazy in the fall!  Hopefully watch some football  :)  and see some great friends!