Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas tree

We did something new for the Kuysten family tonight and it was a blast with the boys.  We visited Kinsey Farms and cut our own Christmas tree.  We wandered through their field until the perfect tree grabbed us.  Ian was the final quality control in picking the tree.  We started out with a small 5 footer in mind and walked away with a modest 9 foot tree (poor Marco had to carry the thing around).  Ian was also the master cutter even though dad had to take over for the muscle work.  The tree made it into the house perfectly and fit just beautifully in the family room.  Yummm the smell is incredible and we have a tree that the boys can decorate and redecorate all season!  I just can't take my eyes off it--the white lights and kids friendly ornaments make me feel like I am 5 again staring at the tree mom and dad had!!  
The perfect tree found!!

What Cuties

Holding the tree when daddy cuts

Finishing up the cut

This doesn't look Mommy approved

Luke man trying to pull the tree
Ride back to the barn on the tractor   
Ok.. maybe it was a little bigger than we thought
Getting ready
Daddy puts on the final lights
More fun on the ladder than decorating the tree

Santa Cake

Christmas is such a wonderful time and as soon as Thanksgiving dishes are done--Christmas begins.  I adore every part of the holidays--from the traditional things we have done since I was a child like decorating the tree to my newly adopted Dutch traditions like Sinter Klaas.  I just can't get enough of the holiday festivities.  This year we had a little delay on everything with the boys and myself getting sick but it gave us lots of indoor time to do fun crafts and my fave--baking.  Ian and I love to cook together and here is our latest creation.  I was incredibly proud of what we did this time with the Santa Cake.. and it was yummy too!!

3D Santa Cake

Boys very proud of their work

Showing off the green tongues

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our newest baby

We added a puppy to the Kuysten family this fall and what an incredible "little" person in our family.  We fell in love with this little guy the minute we picked him up at the adoption place.  Ian named him Buzz (for Buzz Lightyear... of course) and has a new best friend.  They do everything together now and Ian has accepted him so well.  So impressed at seeing Ian take care of the dog and so happy to see the two boys play with Buzz.
First Days Home

Sweet little puppy

Buzz one month later and not so little

Five Months Old

Happy Halloween

Our little Alien and superhero Wolfman made Halloween tons of fun.  The trick or treating this year was over the top for Ian--he could not even carry his candy after visiting over 80 houses in the neighborhood.  He ran all night and just didn't stop going.

Ian's class Pumpkin Patch visit

Cousins at Orange Beach

The Kuysten family took over Orange Beach in October and we had a fabulous vacation with the Dutch family.  The cousins were fantastic together and they had so much fun in the sun and the sand!!  Also part of our trip was a visit to the Avation Museum in Pensacola.  Hopefully this is a trip we can do every year!