Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Bites

So how does this thing work?

UMMM I think I like it

Eating is exhausting--my eyes are getting heavy


I give in!

Luke tried out cereal for the first time and LOVED it. He would grab the spoon as it came close to his mouth--we finally had to give him his own spoon and the feeding was much smoother. It was so good that he wore himself out falling asleep right there in the highchair. It was adorable.

Conquered cereal -- watch out bananas!

Devil in Disguise

Ian has the funniest bed head and this morning it was the best. Looking close you can see the two little "horns" on the back of his head. He loved it and Marco and I couldn't stop giggling. A little devil with angel eyes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 month picts

Check out the gun show!

I just love this one!! So introspective for his age.

Bathing boys

Luke LOVES the water and bath time is so much fun and a routine part of our night time. Ian and Luke are now taking baths together and liking sharing the bath toys.

Milestones.. 4 Months

Where does time go?? The baby is 4 months old and growing like crazy -- 13 lbs 14 oz, 26 1/2 inches.
He laughs, giggles, and still has his fair share of screaming fits. Poor kiddo still having reflux problem we are working on it!! Big brother is fabulous with Luke and adores his little brother. Always giving kisses and hugs and even figuring out how to get him out of the swing.
He is rolling on to his side when sleeping and has the funniest steps when he turns. First the hands go together, then the fist goes into the mouth, next the feet go up and then SWING...he is on his side! So fun to watch. Luke has found his feet and likes to try and grab them. He is going to be my talker.. Ian is the dark quiet little man--takes his time to figure something out and says only what he has to in public. Luke will already "talk" back to you and mocks sounds--it's fantastic to hear him. He is not a sleeper--making it through the nights better but ouch the days are making me crazy. He rarely naps more than 30 minutes at a time but I have high hopes that he will make progress with longer naps in the next couple of weeks. (I blame the reflux).

First Day of 3 year old Preschool

Ian started off the year super and we are so excited that he has Ms. Angie again at ACA! He was such a big boy walking in this year and went right in to class! He had a great day and it's wonderful to see him happy.