Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picture is worth a thousand words..

OK you hear that a picture is worth a thousand words so you can guess at least 999 of the words that were being said at our last family picture session. It's funny now but at the time---not so much. There were some great shots too--we'll just have to wait until Christmas for those!

Ohh to be 3 and 3/4 years old

Ian is Ian... what more can I say. He is so much fun and stubborn (I blame his dad for this trait) but despite what we are doing--it's never a dull moment.

Lately he is very into boys vs girls. Every day we get a chorus of boys do this and girls do that! Well, he is also loving playing with the girls more and more--future heart breaker I am sure. Last night while we were eating at a local little Italian restaurant he spent most of the night flirting with the little girl behind us in the booth. They would play peekaboo and he would try so hard to get her attention and then as soon as he had it-- play hard to get. It was adorable and Marco and I could hardly eat with all the entertainment.

Today he played for over an hour with the older girls which live down the street. He goes into this ultra cute show off mode when they are around. Jacquline and Angiline are 7 and 9 and just adore him and he really eats it up.

He has also started helping more around the house. We have actually created a monster I think... Ian must clean his plate off the table before playing after a meal and if one of us get up without plate in hand--oh boy will he let us know it. He is also getting bossier with the cats--he had to put Jannake in a time out this evening for scratching at the door. He told us that he needed a little break to take care of something and next thing we saw was the cat in his arms (a very mild mannered cat to take it) and she was headed to the entry for a time out. Watch out Luke--your next and big brother is always watching for things you should do and should not do!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Almost 4 and learning every day

It is so much fun to watch Ian now and how he figures out things and describes them!! Last night one of our favorites--Ian told me that he is having trouble with his undies--"Mommy when I sit my underware goes in my butt" -- He learned a new word-- wedgie !

He is also doing great with his letters--he wrote his name for the first time the other day and I was so proud I could hardly stand it!

I just love this age!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We did it.. first overnight with Nanno and Pappa

Well... after the first time that mom & dad tried to take the boys for an overnight sleep over turned out with everyone puking, I was not sure that they would try it again for years. They are brave grandparents and they tried it again this week!! SUCCESS!!
Both boys did great but Luke's sleeping schedule is not for the weak heart! I think that Luke had the best of my dad when it was his night to watch the little one.

Ian has soo much fun with the grands and didn't want to come home!!

BIG Little Leaps

How do the kids grow so fast? It seems like yesterday we were bringing Luke home and now we have just celebrated his 6 month birthday!! He is getting so big and making some huge leaps all of a sudden. Such a strong little guy--always has been solid but now he is so so strong too. This weekend he started to "army crawl" by planting his elbows and scootching to get his brother or a fun toy! But.. his biggest motivation is the remote control - daddy's boy!! I think that life is about to turn upside down. Hopefully Ian will still LOVE his brother when he can get into all of his things!

And his first little tooth popped through this weekend! The little white corner of his right lower tooth came through and then it wasn't much fun for anyone. He was not a happy camper.

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Fall Picts

Fall Days

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! The crisp days and beautiful colors are capitaviting!!
We enjoyed a perfect day in the mountians with the family. Ian loved Bert's pumpkin patch and the enormous pumpkins were so much fun to play between. We all took a hay ride -- best one ever and Luke thought it was great too! He wanted to eat the hay and threw handfuls around.
Then off to Reece Orchard to pick some apples-Ian had a blast getting his own apples off the tree. Then we all shared the fried apple pies and they were just as good as what my granny would make for us. Yummy. The perfect relaxing day for us before heading into a very very busy week!

Happy Halloween

Halloween was incredible this year even though the weather was a complete mess! Cool drizzle didn't spoil our fun !! The neighbors got together for a great dinner and drinks while the kiddos enjoyed all the fun of the night. Ian loved the trick or treating this year and couldn't get enough. After each house he said that it was time to "Hit the next house". Oh yeah -- he gets it!!

Thanks Heather and Grame for being fabulous hosts for the night ! Can't wait for next year.

Luke was an adorable little skunk and had lots of snuggles and loving from Kristen and her friends. Ian was Iron Man and such a strong super hero catching all the bad guys!

Destin Sep 2009

Destin was the perfect place to take our first family vacation with the two boys. We had a wonderful week with Oma and the boys couldn't get enough of the beach. Ian could stay in the sand and water from sun up to sun down if he could. Highlights of the trip were when Marco caught a crab "Herman" and Ian kept him in a bucket for the whole day. Poor crab..

Milestones... 6 months

Luke is almost 6 months and it's difficult to believe that the little baby is growing so fast. He has made so many leaps over the last two months. Where to start...
  • We had our first beach vacation as a family at the end of September and it was a perfect week (picts to follow). Both boys could have spent the entire day in the sand and water.
  • Luke rolled over for the first time on Sep 28th and hasn't looked back. The 1st of Oct he rolled to tummy and then back to back for the first time.
  • Luke is eating EVERYTHING and loves most food. He makes the funniest faces when trying a little sour food and his whole body will shake and shutter.
  • Prevacid has changed our lives for the better and allowed Luke to be the cute and sweet little man he is. His nature is so easy since the reflux has been under control. Everyone's friend and will belly laugh at Ian. All smiles this baby!!
  • Ian is the best big brother ever... loves Luke more than I ever thought possible! He love to make his brother smile and laugh.
  • Luke is trying to sit up now and can balance for a couple of seconds before toppling over.
  • Teething has begun! He is chewing on anything he can get his hands on and more.

I am sure that I am forgetting somethings but the days are full of lots of fun with the two boys. Wish I could post that he is a good sleeper but not yet--hopefully he is going to grow into it :) LOL!!