Sunday, January 25, 2009

Safari Park Day

We had a great day at the Safari Park where we could ride the bus through an animal reserve and see cheetahs out running around, zebras, tigers, monkeys, and camels. Ian loved it when the camel sat in front of the bus and would not let us go for over 5 minutes.

Looking for the monkeys with Oma

I am not sure if the lion cub thinks Ian is a new friend or lunch!

Catching up..

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our fun days in Holland with Oma. We visited a special petting zoo where Ian was up close with cows, chickens, horses, rabbits and tons more animal.

Imagination Play

Ian joined his friends at the Imagination Play for a fun day out of the cold. The boys had a blast and Ian & Brandon were quite the little rockers!! There were so many fun things for the kids including dress up and grilling... watch out when a chicken and cow decide to do the cooking!

Mommy's helper

I have to share the cutest conversation Ian had this afternoon. His imagination is just bursting at the seams right now and I am constantly entertained at what an incredible little person he is!

Today he was helping me find the remote when I turn around and he is on his Lightening McQueen phone trying to help. The conversation was something like this

"Hello McQueen, you know where remote is... yes... is it in house... say Hi to Mac!!"

Marco were hardly able to control ourselves--it was so funny!! He is such a little man.