Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jedi Training Camp--AKA Gymnastics BDay

OK--I'm nuts when it comes to parties.  Love them and I swear in another life I will be an event planner.  Secretly it's one of my passions to throw a fun party.  Ian had his 5th birthday party at All Around Gymnastics and they did such a great job with the Jedi Training Camp.  Starwars is his newest passion and we had so much fun with it.  Kids loved taking home lightsabers too!!!  Seriously--would love to do this all the time but with every fun event is a bit of learning that comes along.  What did I learn? 

-Parent drop off parties are still lots of fun!!  I wasn't sure about it this year but it really was a blast.
-Kids really get it at 5.  (Example- we had a small cake for Ian decorated with Darth Vader that was at most a 4 person cake.  Well--the kiddos at the cake end of the table had a very heated and engaged debate on how all the kids at the party were going to get cake when the cake is so SMALL...  I loved it!!)
-5 year old kiddos are not quite ready for sparkler candles--I think I terrified half of the kids at least 3 peed their pants--not really but it was definitely an attention getter)

-5 year olds can have a TON of fun!!!!!

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